Teens and Young Driver Safety

You’ve been protecting your kids their whole life. Don’t stop now – Set the rules before they hit the road.

Be sure to set 6 rules before they hit the road

1. No cell phones

2. No extra passengers

3. No speeding

4. No alcohol/substances

5. No drowsy driving

6. Buckle up

Learn your state’s Graduated Driver Licensing laws

Create a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement!

CDC’s Parent-Teen Driver Contract (for use anywhere)

AAA Tidewater’s Parent-Teen Driver Agreement (for use in Virginia)

Teen Drivers are Overrepresented in Fatal Crashes. Here are their greatest risks:

  • Driver inexperience makes every driving risk greater for teens 
  • Nearly half of teen drivers killed in crashes each year are unrestrained
  • About one-fourth of teen drivers killed in crashes each year are under the influence of alcohol
  • Young drivers are involved in more speeding-related fatal crashes compared to other age groups
  • Teens’ inexperience behind the wheel makes them more susceptible to driver distraction
  • The two biggest sources of distractions for teen drivers are cell phones and passengers
  • Use of cell phones (to type or talk) is one of the greatest contributors to teen crashes
  • Texting while driving increases the risk of a crash by 23 times
  • Teen passengers increase the risk of a crash for teen drivers, and the risk of a fatal crash goes up in direct relation to the number of teenagers in the car
  • Young male drivers are 2X as likely as young female drivers to be involved in a fatal crash 

Stay in Control Behind the Wheel

Avoid the distraction: turn off your phone, set it in drive mode, or put it away and out of reach

Helpful Resources for Young Drivers and their Parents:

Teen Driver Licensing Infographic

AAA: Resources for Young Motorists and Parents

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety: Teenagers

CDC: Distracted Driving

NHTSA: Teen Driving

Graduated Driver Licensing Laws

Virginia Department of Education: 45 hour Parent-Teen Driving Guide

YOVASO: Youth of Virginia Speak Out about Traffic Safety

Partners for Safe Teen Driving

WRAP: Youth Outreach

Drive Safe Hampton Roads: Get it Together High School Seat Belt Challenge