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The Boost ‘em in the Back Seat videos communicate the power of crash forces to motivate parents on booster seat use for older children. The research-supported videos show the danger of transitioning children to an adult seat belt before they pass the seat belt fit test and are around 4’9” tall.

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Suggested Video Use

Caregivers of booster-aged children are a tough group to reach because they often do not consider their children to be of “safety seat” age. They don’t typically attend safety-seat checkup events or seek information on websites or brochures. Here are some ways to use the Boost ’em in the Back Seat videos:


  • Try to find ways to show the video to parents instead of just giving them a copy
  • Work with professionals who regularly interact with parents of 5-12 year-old children
  • Show the video in the main waiting area or in exam rooms at healthcare agencies
  • Add the video into safety trainings for professionals and/or parents 
  • Hospital partners have added the video to a closed feed to show it with other health television programs where patients can view it during hospital stays
See our related publication regarding dissemination of the video: Will, K. E., Dunaway, K. E., Kokorelis, D., Sabo, C. S., & Lorek, E. (2012). Challenges and Opportunities for Promoting Booster-Seat Use: Progressive Dissemination of a High-Threat Message. Health Promotion Practice, 13 (6), 772-778.

For additional information about the research supporting the effectiveness of the video, please refer to: Will, K. E., Sabo, C. S., & Porter, B. E. (2009). Evaluation of the Boost ’em in the Back Seat Program: Using fear and efficacy to increase booster seat use. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 41, 57-65.
Download PDF or visit doi:10.1016/j.aap.2008.09.007.


Also see our related publication regarding dissemination of the video:  Will, K. E., Dunaway, K. E., Kokorelis, D., Sabo, C. S., & Lorek, E. (2012). Challenges and Opportunities for Promoting Booster-Seat Use: Progressive Dissemination of a High-Threat Message. Health Promotion Practice, 13 (6), 772-778. 


Note: This video is a public service and may be broadcast or distributed without modification for noncommercial purposes. The images and copy contained within this video may not be used out of context or duplicated without permission.


Written and Produced By: Kelli England, Ph.D. at Eastern Virginia Medical School. in partnership with Jpixx Films.
© 2005, 2010, 2017 Kelli England, Ph.D.


Funded By: This video and related research were supported by Grant Number M2PE-2017-57097-6746 from the US Department of Transportation and Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. The contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of Eastern Virginia Medical School, U.S. Department of Transportation, or the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

Video Project Acknowledgements

Expert – Law Enforcement
Lee Bailey
Chief Deputy Sheriff
New Kent Co. Sheriff’s Office

Expert – Coalition/Nonprofit
Corri Miller-Hobbs, RN, CPST
Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU / Safe Kids Virginia


Expert – Passenger Safety
Georjeane L. Blumling, Ph.D.
National Child Passenger Safety Instructor
AAA Tidewater Virginia


Expert – Trauma Nurse
Cathy Peterson BSN, RN, CPHQ
Trauma Program Manager
Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters


Expert – Trauma Nurse
Sonya Woronowicz RN, BSN, MSN
Trauma Nurse
Sentara Virginia Beach General


Expert – Doctor
Phillip Thomas, MD
Pediatrics Resident
Eastern Virginia Medical School


Emergency Medical Services
Tiffany Stuart
Curtis Young
Portsmouth Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services Medic 10


Fire and Rescue Services
Capt. John Parrish
Lt. Kevin Skinner
FF Robert Coloski
Portsmouth Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services Engine 9 – C Shift

Family #1
Kelley Davis (mom)
Seth Adrover (son)


Family #2
Bettina Selby (mom)
Kendall Selby (daughter)
Cameron Franklin (son)


Family #3
Cooper Will (boy)


Police Officer
Lieutenant David McEwen
Eastern Virginia Medical School


Police Officer
Noah Caesar
Norfolk Police Department


Nurse Extra
Kaitlyn Mondejar, MPH
EVMS Pediatrics


Nurse Extra
Erin L. Maple, BS, MPH
EVMS Clinical Research Center


Nurse Practitioner Extra
Hali Thomas, NP-C
Sentara Neurology Specialists


Other Extras 
Heidi Chappell – nurse
Karla Espino – nurse
Kaitlyn Showalter – nurse
Dominique Herbert – nurse
Josiah Marroquin – waiting room scene stand in
Jpixx Films

Residence 1
Kaethe Ferguson, EdD
Eastern Virginia Medical School


Residence 2
Jon Abraham
JPixx Films


Hospital scene setting
Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters


Interview scene locations
Henrico Police Department
Eastern Virginia Medical School


Crash scene location
City of Norfolk


Coordination Assistance
Amy L. Ward, Clinical Care Coordinator /Acting EMS Mgr,
Portsmouth Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services


Cathy C Fox RN, CEN, CPEN, FAEN, Nurse Consultant-ED, Cath Lab, and Cardiology,
Naval Medical Center-Portsmouth


Chief Andrew J. Mitchell, Eastern Virginia Medical School Police and Public Safety


Ridgely Ingersoll, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, CHKD


Additional footage provided by
Crash test footage showing dangers of no restraint in a crash
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety


Sled test footage of differences in movement  between a booster seat and safety belt
University of Virginia Center for Applied Biomechanics


Computer animation of side by side difference between a child in a booster vs. a belt alone
Center for Injury Research and Prevention at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


Additional assistance
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Highway Safety Office
Metro Used Auto Parts


Spanish Translators:
Alexandra Leader, MD, MPH, Eastern Virginia Medical School
Jaqueline Alvarado-Valadez, Eastern Virginia Medical School
Fabian Ortiz, Eastern Virginia Medical School
Emily Putnam, Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology

Jpixx Films – Production Company (
– Jon Abrahams, Director/DP
– Glenn Dano, Field Producer
– Heidi Chappell, Executive Producer
– Ginny Petty, Copywriter
– Chandler Perry, Assistant Director / Lead Editor
– Josiah Marroquin, Art Director
– Jessa Gaul, Camera Assist/Grip
– Karla Espino, Sound and Stills
– Shay Reinert, Hair and Makeup
– Dominique Herbert, Production Coordinator
– Kaitlyn Showalter, Production Assistant
– Dennis Reyes. Production Assistant / Car Assist
– Joshua Dano, Production Assistant / Car Assist
– Adrian Woodard, Production Assistant
– Trent Toner, Sound Design

Kelli England, PhD, Principal Investigator (Writer and Executive Producer)
Ann Lassiter Edwards, MS, Research Assistant

Emily R. Gordon, MPH, Research Assistant
Ellen P. Libby, MPH, Research Assistant (former team member)
Kaitlyn Mondejar, MPH, Research Assistant (former team member)


We want to acknowledge the collaborative effort of the following partners who helped make this video possible.

Awards Received for the Video

  John T. Hanna Award for Excellence in Traffic Safety and Occupant Protection
  Governor’s EMS Award for Outstanding Contribution to EMS for Children
  Governor’s Transportation Safety Award in Occupant Protection
  Telly Award, Silver Winner in Safety Category
  Outstanding Contribution to EMS for Children, Tidewater EMS Council
  Commonwealth Award of Excellence, Public Service, Virginia PRA
  Capital Award of Merit in Organic Social Media, Virginia PRA
  Circle of Excellence, Silver Award in Social Media, CASE